Hi there! I’m Ling.

I’m a product designer with a keen eye for using systems thinking, data, and visual delight to build intentional experiences.

About me
Currently, I’m studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto with an HCI focus and pursuing a minor in Artificial Intelligence. (Graduating in 2021).
As a designer
Intentionality and delight are at the heart of everything I create. Combining my background of data-science and art, I enjoy diving deep into user research as well as bringing prototypes to the next level with motion and visual polish.
What I’m looking for
I’m looking for teams that care deeply for solving the right problems, collaborate with all aspects of the business, and are user research oriented.
My Journey
I didn’t take a straight path to design - I initially began my career in machine learning with an interest in human behaviour, and discovered my passion for crafting experiences later on.

Here are some of the amazing roles I was able to experience:
For fun
In my free time, I practice yoga, make art, eat spicy snacks, and collect items that look like fruit.

Currently Reading: "Grit" by Angela Duckworth

Currently Watching: Queens Gambit